The Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District has confirmed he’s quit from the All Progressives Congress after a futile struggle to clinch the party’s ticket again in the 2019 election.

Senator Sani and Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai have been at loggerheads over their persistent political differences, which has resulted in the expulsion of the former from the party over disobedience.

In a 2017 interview with Vanguard newspaper, el-Rufai traced the feud to his refusal to appoint nominees of the senator to his cabinet, declaring them as not good enough. “Shehu Sani’s first anger was that the list of commissioners came out and none from his list. In a state where there are about 10,000 PhDs that I have in my data base; I am not going to take a diploma holder and make him a commissioner just because he is Shehu Sani’s man. I don’t operate like that,” he said.

In an earlier interview with the Vanguard newspaper, Senator Sani acknowledged his defeat of el-Rufai’s preferred aspirant in the party’s senatorial primaries as a reason for the Governor’s bitterness. He further revealed the root of their political difference, saying, “We have ideological differences. He is from the political right and I am from the political left. He is a core conservative capitalist, who believes in capitalism and I believe in the progressive, welfarist, leftist and idealistic system. So, that is where we differ.”

Vowing to remove Shehu Sani from office, especially after he and two other fellow senators from Kaduna blocked his external loan application, el-Rufai nominated and supported his aide, Uba Sani, to replace his long-running political rival. The plan was frustrated by the National Working Committee of APC that attempted to impose Shehu Sani as automatic candidate, disqualifying other contenders, including Uba Sani.

A court decision disallowed the national APC’s plan to make Shehu Sani the party’s candidate unopposed, and an election was conducted, after which Uba Sani emerged winner, having polled 2,088 votes, with Shehu Sani withdrawing from the election midway, and still polling 15 votes.

In what seemed like the last bout of their struggle, Senator Sani announced he’s left the party.

Writing in Hausa on his Facebook, he assured his followers the battle is not over. ““The struggle for emancipation of the masses is in our blood. We are ready for the 2019 race. We are going to meet at the final. We are neither unmoved by the housemaster nor his boy,” he wrote.

A few days later, he wrote, “Today 20/10/2018, I left APC. Soon I’ll announce the political party I’m defecting to along with my supporters. I assure you that I’ll be in the race (for Senator in 2019) as I promised you. We are going to liberate Kaduna masses from this critical condition they have found themselves in.”