Lagos State Government and the Republic of Poland on Friday sought to strengthen bilateral ties to further work toward ensuring mutual progress and economic prosperity for both parties.

The Polish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mrs Joanna Tarnawska, paid a courtesy visit to the Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr Idiat Adebule, in Ikeja, Lagos.

Tarnawska said: “The essence of our visit to the Lagos State Government is to emphasise on our bilateral relations between Poland and Nigeria, especially Lagos, which are long standing.

“Here in Lagos, we have people who are used to the ocean and in Poland too we have coastlines. We have a lot of ties in ship building and polish companies are situated here.

“We hope to continue these ties and in some other areas such as Marine and Naval construction, information technology, Green technology, environmental protection and education.

“This bilateral relation is for the common benefit of our two countries.

In education, we want to introduce the use of new technologies to teach teachers how to teach.

“There are many entrepreneurs in Poland who specialise in new technologies for education and we can cooperate and work with teachers here because children are the future and they cannot be neglected; it is always worth doing something for them.

“Poland is ready to open up to Africa and of course Nigeria is the destination.”

Responding, Adebule said that the state government would be willing to continue its ties with Poland.

“The relationship between Poland and Nigeria dates back so many years; the first trade agreement or Memorandum of Understanding was signed as far back as 1962 and it was renewed in 2013.

“With us in the state and nationally, I am sure that Nigeria is very comfortable with the Polish people. And of course, Lagos, being the economic nerve centre of the country, there are lots of Polish businesses and companies here

“In the area of collaboration, Poland has worked with the country in the areas of marine, agriculture and power generation from coal.

“I think we will still continue to work together to ensure that we provide the best for the people in the state,” Adebule said.