A 19-year-old armed robbery suspect, Taofeek Adebayo, yesterday explained why he swallowed a wedding ring which he stole from one of his victims at Oshodi area of Lagos.

Taofeek, whom the police described as a notorious in-traffic robber, told his team of interrogators that he allegedly swallowed the 18 carat gold plated wedding ring to avoid arrest.

The suspect was arrested at the weekend by officers attached to the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Lagos State Police Command. Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, who confirmed the incident, said that Taofeek Adebayo, allegedly threatened to kill his victim if she raise any alarm that would expose them to the police.

Elkana said that the suspect was nabbed along with three other suspected traffic robbers by the RRS in Oshodi and CMS part of the metropolis.

He said Adebayo, along with an accomplice, Toheeb Tijani, 20 were arrested in Oshodi – Oke shortly after dispossessing two ladies, occupying a grey Sienna bus of a gold ear–ring and a set of wedding rings.

He said that the two other suspects, Samson Oluwa, 20 and Michael Amodu Adamu, 22, were arrested in an all-night sting operation in CMS.

When interrogated, Adebayo disclosed, “I swallowed it (ring) but I have vomited it and handed it over to Young Boy. He was the third guy when police were chasing us. I told him to hand over the rings to the ladies so that the police can release us but he absconded with the two rings and earring”.