A Scottish court on Friday rejected a request for an interim block of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s move to suspend the UK parliament, according to the BBC.

According to Reuters, a Scottish lawmaker challenged the legality of the parliamentary prorogation in court but the judge expressed a willingness to hear full arguments next week.

A UK government spokeswoman has reacted to the Scottish court ruling, stressing that lawmakers are not being barred from scrutinising the withdrawal from the EU.

“We are glad the court found against the interdict, there was no good reason to seek one, given the full hearing is due to take place next week.’’ the spokeswoman said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated his determination to withdraw the UK from the bloc by the Oct. 31 deadline, with or without a deal, despite there being strong objections to no deal among parliamentarians.

UK still faces deadlock over its withdrawal from the European Union.

A deal reached by London and Brussels in 2018 was rejected three times by the UK parliament and eventually led to Theresa May resigning from her post as prime minister.

Although the EU has repeatedly stressed that the deal is not up for further negotiation.

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson released a four-page letter to outgoing President of European Council, Donald Tusk stating his position on Brexit.

Johnson, particularly stressed the need to change the provision on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Currently, Brexit is scheduled for 31 October.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully received Royal approval on 28 August to prorogue the UK parliament for a month from mid-September.

Therefore reducing the time lawmakers will have to prevent a no-deal Brexit and triggering an angry backlash from opposition MPs.