The new emir of Zazzau, Ambassador Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli has called for unity in the emirate and promised an inclusive leadership during his reign.

Bamalli who spoke in his palace few hours after his appointment as the 19th emir of Zazzau on Wednesday said he will ensure peace and tranquillity among the people in the emirate and carry everyone to ensure the development of the emirate.

He explained that he has close ties with the Katsinawa and Beriberi dynasties adding that, “I have a very cordial relationship with all the houses in Zaria based on respect for each other which we inherited among us apart from the blood relationship we share”

“My wife is from the Katsinawa house ‎because she is the daughter of late Sarkin Zazzau Shehu Idris. My grandparents from my mother’s side were from the Bereberi dynasty. Therefore, I don’t see why I will have misunderstandings with any of these houses.

“This is why I’m from both houses because they are the major houses in Zaria emirate,” he said.

“It is Allah that makes an emir because it is not about wealth, education or power.

“If these were the qualities I wouldn’t have been here. Allah gives power to whom He wishes and when He wishes. We should put Allah forward in whatever we do.”

He said his contenders were not wrong to have contested for the throne as it was their rights but stressed that, “whoever becomes the emir should be supported by the rest so that the people will not suffer. I beg them to come so that we can move Zazzau emirate forward. I hope within a short time, we will resolve any differences among us.”

“I am happy that some of the district heads from Katsinawa dynasty and Beriberi dynasty have come to pay homage. Everybody should come for us to work together and I will do my best to unite the people of Zazzau”